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 Key Points:

Info on the 5-week Marketing Workshop classes:

If you missed the sessions their first time around, here is the first session presented February 5th, 2013 in its entirety to playback here or, better yet, for you to download where you can add it to your media player.

Download the Class One Recording (right-click and select save link or target as) …or just click the link to play in your own browser’s player.

This Marketing workshop series was based on the “Breakthrough DNA” free report, subtitled “Eight Profit Activators You Can Trigger in Your Business Right Now” written by Dean Jackson and Joe Polish. 

Get that free booklet by entering your first name and email address at their site and they’ll send you the download link.

Click this link to HEAR Dean Jackson reading this entire report aloud to you. But do be certain to download your own copy and read along as you listen to it, as that will really help you with retention and understanding.

Although this free report is one of the best things ever written to help businesses with their marketing, implementing these ideas can be challenging for a variety of reasons.

You can find links to a few articles I’ve written expanding on the “Before Unit” materials in the Focus on Implementation section! (…and also do listen to the “Class One” recordings above.)

* BTW – the 50-minute Focus Finder seminar by Dean Jackson is a great piece on time management! Check it out!

Here is the agenda for the upcoming series (Join the newsletter for announcements of the next dates or check back here!):

Week one: Introduction covering all the concepts in the book, “Breakthrough DNA” by Dean Jackson and Joe Polish (free ebook download) (See above to download week one’s recording of my commentaries on this book’s entire contents!)

Week Two: Workshops: Opening the “Before Unit” with profit activator number one, “Narrow Your Focus and Select One Target Market (at a Time) and then continuing the “Before Unit” with profit activator number two: “Use Direct Response Offers to Compel Prospects to Call You”

Week Three: Continuing the “Before Unit” with profit activator number three: “Patiently and Systematically Educate and Motivate Prospects to Meet You… When They Are Ready”

Week Four: The “During Unit” — We’ll cover profit activator number four: “Present Your Unique Service Offer in a Way That Makes It EASY to Get Started” and profit activator number five: “Deliver a ‘Dream Come True’ Experience Designed for Your Clients Perspective” and profit activator number six: “Provide after Sales Service – Even after You’ve Already Been Paid”

Week Five: the “After Unit” — We’ll cover profit activator number seven: “Nurture Lifetime Relationships and Focus on Lifetime Value” and profit activator number eight: “Orchestrate Referrals by Giving Your Clients the Opportunity to Feel Great” followed by summary and final questions.

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LOVE Your Customers
(Do the Right Things For Them)

Have Confidence In Yourself
(Your Comfort Zone is Larger Than You Thought!)

Develop Your Skills into New Good Habits Through Repetition
(“Repetition is the Mother of Skill” – Tony Robbins)

Marketing Education Should Be Free.

I believe that the way to empower small businesses to

  • create more jobs,
  • increase wages,
  • and yet, still PROSPER

Depends Upon Marketing Education Being Freely Available.

That is my position and it defines my mission.
I’ll provide links to existing free resources,
and supply many of my own!


I am looking for local businesses and entrepreneurs who are
— Purpose-Driven —
who are Motivated by a strong desire to
Mean Something
— Something Special
to other people, to their customers
and to society in general
So I can FEATURE them within these pages!